Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#68) -- Other Useful Skills

I really want to write comics. What other skills will
help me become a published comic book writer?

Other than the actually writing itself (and particularly if, like me, you can't draw), I think that since at least your initial published work will be independent (if you're a good networker) or self-published (the most typical outlet), you need to learn some of the tools and processes that go into the act of creating a comic.

For example, I learned to letter for two reasons: (1) so I wouldn't have to pay someone to do that for me and (2) because I wanted to be a part of the process and see the story develop.

You also need to learn how to network. And by networking, I don't just mean sitting at your computer and and poking people on Facebook or collecting people on LinkedIn. I mean getting out there and meeting people and making connections and friends. Every single story I've had published -- every single story -- has been the result of the people I know in my circles of creators. I've learned of opportunities from them and returned the favor as I've learned of opportunities.