Friday, February 3, 2012

Bobby Nash Presents Lance Star in “Wing Tips and Neck Ties”

For Immediate Release

Bobby Nash Presents Lance Star in “Wing Tips and Neck Ties” – a new comic book short!

Atlanta, GA – Fans of Lance Star’s recent comic book story “One-Shot” who have been anticipating a new sequential adventure with the high-flying pulp hero can rest easy now. Bobby Nash presents a new story by writer Sean Taylor (Gene Simmons Dominatrix, Classics Mutilated, Robots vs. Zombies: This Means War!) and artist Aaron Meade (Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate).

The tale, entitled “Wing Tips and Neck Ties,” brings Lance back into action with the mysterious Monique San Diablo, the Saint Devil, who appeared recently in the Lance Star: Sky Ranger Volume 3 prose anthology from Airship 27 and Cornerstone Books. In this new adventure, Lance and Monique hit the skies to capture a serial killer with a unique murder weapon – his airplane!

“I’m thrilled that Bobby trust us to take Lance back into the skies in this illustrated tale. It’s got all the fun stuff I enjoy reading and writing and looking at – high flying stunts, a beautiful woman, and even a dead guy swinging from a plane thrown in for good measure. What’s not to love?” says Taylor. “And I’m thrilled to see Aaron’s take on Lance and Monique. He definitely has a Silver-Age way of thinking that’s evident in his art, and it’s a perfect fit for a good-ol’-fashioned man of action like Lance Star.”

“One of the joys of the Lance Star: Sky Ranger series of comic books and prose anthologies is seeing how different writers handle the characters. When Sean told me his idea for this story I was excited to see it,” says Bobby Nash. “And now that I’ve seen the first page of art I’m even more excited.”

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