Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#82) -- TV to Comics

Which TV show would you most like to see as a comic book?
(Thanks to Tyler Hicks for today's question)

Easy peasy. An excellent contemporary TV show that  would make a great comic book is Justified. The action and suspense of the show would translate well into a good 3-key-action comic book structure. Throw Beau Smith at it as writer, and it's a winner.

A cancelled TV show that would be a fun comic would be Freaky Links. It's like X-Files without the smooth, intellectual polish on the outside. The team could really cut loose on some strange and freaky critters with no TV-budget limit to rein them in. Give it to Steve Seagle to write and Teddy Kristiansen to draw.

An older one that I think would be a great deal of nostalgic awesomeness for fans would be Blake's 7. Let's make that one happen with Grant Morrison as scribe and Steve Scott on pencils, and I think we'd have a kickin' go-to sci-fi comic book.