Saturday, February 11, 2012

Can you spare $1 to help Gary Friedrich?

No doubt you're aware of the court case between Gary Friedrich (one of the creators of Ghost Rider) and Marvel Comics -- unless you live under a rock, as the saying goes. If you want more information on that case, you can find that info here.

This post is not to get into the legality or even morality of that decision, or to choose sides. It is simply this, to say we have a moral obligation to help a "friend" in need. (And if you're ever enjoyed a Ghost Rider story Gary wrote, then you know he's a friend, right?)

I know Gary, having met him several times at cons and talked with him on the phone back when I was Managing Editor of Campfire Graphic Novels (then Elfin) as I was trying to get him to do our Frankenstein book for us. All that to say, regardless of the legal issues, the man needs our help and I'm proud to do at least a little something to keep the ball rolling.

We can viral this thing to get 17,000 people to each donate a dollar, can't we? I've donated mine. Will you be next? (And regardless of where you stand on the legal issues on this case, the simply fact is, Gary Friedrich, a creator who worked with a team to give us a character we love, is in dire financial straights and we have a moral obligation to help.)

Check out my Facebook page for a special offer. Donate $1 or more to Gary through Steve Niles paypal charity, and I'll send you a free PDF story from SHOW ME A HERO, my short story collection from New Babel Books. To claim your story, simply leave your email address on the FB page or email me directly at Please be honest. I'm trusting your integrity in this matter.

To donate, click here: