Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#87) -- Greatest Peer Moments

What is your favorite peer memory from a convention?

Yes, I'm standing in a chair. He's THAT tall.
I'd have to say my all-time favorite peer moment came when someone I didn't consider myself remotely a peer to actually treated me as a peer. The saint in question? The amazingly talented and superb human being Mr. Dwayne McDuffie.

It was during the New York Comic Con a few years ago, and although I had emailed with Dwayne a few times on the Milestone mailing list and met him in person a few years prior at San Diego Comicon, when I passed by him in the aisle on the way to the guest area, I said hello, and he actually remembered me and called me by name, then walked with me inside the closed-off area and invited me to sit with him. Before going into his own resume of current projects, he asked me about mine. I told him about the Gene Simmons work with IDW and some other, more minor projects, then asked him about his own. He shared with me about Ben 10 and Justice League, smiling like a big kid, and we sat and talked for close to 15 minutes before I needed to go to an appointment at a booth.

Dwayne was one of the first pros to treat me like a fellow pro, and it made a mark on me. I can only hope to be the same kind of superb human being that he modeled to me.