Monday, February 20, 2012

So Human, So Flawed, So Fragile, So Authentic -- A review of Show Me A Hero

Got an awesome review from author Michael Vance for my Show Me A Hero collection from New Babel Books!


I diligently tried to find any contact information on any of them – for example, The Fool, Glitter, Double Shot, Tobit’s Angel, or Fishnet Angel – and found nothing.

I would have loved to talk to some of them, face to face, but it was almost as if they didn’t live in this world, my world, the real world. But the world they live in is so authentic that it can’t be an alternate universe or a dream.

I wanted to find them.  They were each so compelling.

I just read about them and others in a real page-turning collection of short stories, news releases, and essays published by New Babel that was written by Sean Taylor. Show Me A Hero was the title of what has to be 514 pages of non-fiction. Yes, each had an exaggerated gift – one was little more than a collection of light ‘bubbles’—but they were so human, so flawed, so fragile in many ways despite their enhanced powers. They suffered heartbreak and celebrated joy. They gained lovers and lost to death. They cried. Laughed. All of that human stuff.

And they fought like heroes. Superheroes.

So, I’m left with only two conclusions. They live somewhere, on some level. And, if the principal purposes of any book are entertainment, enlightenment, or education, then Show Me A Hero is entertainment at its best.

It’s the real deal. 

Show Me A Hero by Sean Taylor/514 pages from New Babel Books.

Review by Michael Vance, author of Weird Horror Tales, Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting, and Weird Horror Tales: Light's End, now available at For electronic version, go to: