Friday, June 17, 2022

#TheSummerOfSnow is back with Snow Shorts #9: Dead Drop!

Snow’s former handler, Elizabeth Walker returns in an all-new mystery/thriller Snow Short! Are you ready for some brand-new #FreshSnow? #TheSummerOfSnow heats up! BEN Books welcomes author Bernadette Johnson to #TeamSnow with the debut of SNOW SHORTS #9: DEAD DROP. Cover design and portrait are by Jeffrey Hayes of Plasmafire Graphics. Snow Shorts #9 is now available as a $0.99 ebook from BEN Books. You can read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Find it here:

About Dead Drop: A body is found at, of all places, a dead drop, and agent Liz Walker must deduce who committed a murder right in Mother’s backyard.

Snow Shorts #9: Dead Drop is available at the following retailers:

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Published by BEN Books.

Snow created by Bobby Nash.

Remember, in #TheSummerofSnow every day is a #SnowDay!

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