Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Call for Submissions from Pulp Empire: Modern Pulp Heroes and Aliens Among Us

Pulp Empire is currently seeking submissions for two themed anthologies. 

Pulp Empire’s second anthology of 2011 will be Modern Pulp Heroes (working title). The book’s concept is simple: invent new or revive classic public domain pulp heroes in the 21st century.

Stories should have a heavy heroic bent. We want tales of adventurers, masked men, avengers and crime fighters. Your lead should be larger than life, someone at the peak of human development or even past it. Think characters in the vein of the Spider, the Phantom Detective, the Moon Man or the Black Bat.

If your story is just a hard-boiled P.I. or a cop on the beat, we probably don’t want it. If your story spends a bunch of time contemplating the nature of evil, we probably don’t want it. We do want action. We do want excitement. We do want a narrative that takes all the great momentum of a classic pulp and updates it for the 21st century.

Word count is from 3,000 to 20,000 words, though longer stories may be considered.

For more information: http://pulpempire.com/submissions/modern-pulp-heroes/

Aliens Among Us has a simple concept: pulp stories with an emphasis on alien encounters. Stories for this anthology can have any setting past or present but they should have two major factors: a. a fast-paced pulp tale and b. a strong and obvious extraterrestrial component to the story.

We are not looking for futuristic science fiction in this anthology. We want tales of Aliens Among Us, i.e. tales of aliens in a familiar world setting.

Recommended word count is from 3,000 to 20,000 words.

For more information: http://pulpempire.com/submissions/aliens-among-us/