Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Link] iFanboy’s Best of 2011: The Best of Women in Comics

 by Ali Colluccio

I’ll be honest, 2011 wasn’t the easiest year for a gal who digs comics. At the Big Two, large controversies broke out over the number of female creators, the portrayal of women in comics and on covers, and the dwindling number of titles with female characters in the lead. Gender was a hot-button issue in discussions about comics and broader geek culture, both online and at conventions. But as frustrating as this year was, there was a lot worth celebrating. So I’m counting down my favorite female characters and comics from 2011.

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Sean-dendum: Obviously, I'm a big fan of female leads in comics. I think the girls should be able to hang with the boys more often, and I think they have the goods to make it stick. If not, I wouldn't write titles like Gene Simmons Dominatrix, Bad Girls Club, Fishnet Angel, and most recently, Turra: Gun Angel.

Of the books not written by me, particularly those from among the big two (and those listed in this article in particular), I'm really going to miss seeing Stephanie Brown as Batgirl. I've been a fan since her very first appearance as the Spoiler and her recurring role in Chuck Dixon's run on Robin. I do believe that Batgirl (with Steph in the Bat-tights) was easily one of DC's best books pre-new 52, in terms of both art and story, and perhaps the biggest loss that happened as a result of the new 52. On the other hand, the revamp did give us a new Birds of Prey with two of my faves, Poison Ivy and Katana. So, it's a trade-off (even if Gail Simone has moved on to other books).

All in all, though, I have to agree with Ali's list. Those are some fine books that deserve following.

Here's to more and better coverage in 2012!