Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big Bad Anthology calls for submissions!


Big Bad Anthology

Here’s an idea – because I don’t have enough to do, I’ll publish an anthology. This year. With an exclusive short story.

Yeah, I’m not too bright. But I want to write a story about a bad vampire. You know, the kind of guy who just does what he wants and damn the consequences. No angst, just fangs. Since I want to write this story, I of course think people will want to read it. Since I think people want to read one story about a bad guy, I think they might want to read a whole anthology of stories about bad guys.

So here it comes – The Big Bad – an anthology of evil

Send me your best short story (6,000 words max, if it has to be longer contact me first) that features a bad guy or evil character as the protagonist. It can be fantasy, urban fantasy, superhero, horror, whatever. Just send me your best bad guy story. I’m taking twenty.

I’m paying $50 for one year’s exclusive electronic and print rights plus two contributor’s copies. After that we retain rights to publish electronically in the anthology only, and in print in this anthology only, but you can take it and sell it somewhere else, or sell it yourself as a standalone.

Deadline is July 31,2012.

-- John Hartness