Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Look Back in Wonder (i.e., the Interviews Archive)

Bad Girls
Wow. It's been only a little longer than two months, but we've really cranked out quite a few interviews and articles here at Bad Girls, Good Guys, and Two-Fisted Action.

And we're not stopping anytime soon.

Future interviews will feature Devin Grayson and Michael Baron, among others, and look for lots more roundtable discussions about various topics of interest for readers and writers of adventure fiction, both prose and comics.

As for the articles that are already at home on the blog,  here's a handy-dandy list to make your search for them a little easier. Enjoy!

Individual Interviews:

Oh the Horror... of Robert Freese

Getting to know the man behind the man in (no) tights -- Ian Watson

Digging Up the Deadly With Bobby Nash

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Van Allen Plexico!

Cowboys, and Pirates, and Cannibals, Oh Ed Erdelac!
Good Guys

Straight Talk About Origin Stories

An Issue Too Long? How Long Should a "Typical" Comic Book Arc Be?

Pulps to Comics: A Bridge or a Chasm?

Running on Feet of Clay -- How Bad Can a Hero Be and Still Be a Good Guy?

How Dangerous a Mask Can Be -- The Fascination with the Masked Hero in Pulps

A Walk on the Dark Side: Writing Believable Villains

The Pulp Writers and Fans Roundtable About Comic Books

Genre-Bending: How Pure Should Pulp Fiction Be?

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—In What Time Period Does Pulp Fit Best?

Type. Type. (Stereo)Type: Taming the Familiar Beast

Bullets vs. Bonding -- Balancing action and characterization in pulp fiction

Writing Pet Peeves: A Roundtable

Other Featured Articles:

Two-Fisted Action
Femme Fatales—An Obsession Dissected

The Cover Story -- Pulps Should Shock and Grab You!

How Bad Guys Die by I.A. Watson

The Twitter Writing Tips Sessions

On Heriones by I.A. Watson