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Jim Doherty, author of AN OBSCURE GRAVE, a Dan Sullivan novel, and JUST THE FACTS: TRUE TALES OF COPS AND CRIMINALS, returns to a character that is in part auto biographical and wholly a unique character in police procedural fiction. Balancing action and suspense with authentic police work, Doherty’s Dan Sullivan leaves his mark once again in THE BIG GAME AND OTHER CRIME STORIES, now available in print and digital formats from Pro Se Productions.

Follow UC Berkeley undergrad and part-time cop Dan Sullivan as he works his way through fourteen stories, each one a case that tests Sullivan’s skills as a policeman and showcases the necessary, sometimes exciting work that a cop puts in on every job. 

“Doherty’s crisp, authoritative writing style put you right in Officer Dan Sullivan’s radio car, riding shotgun, as he navigates the surprisingly dangerous streets of Berkeley and the U.C. Campus.”

Officer Jerry Kennealy, San Francisco Police (ret.), award-winning author of the Jack Kordic series, the Johnny O’Rorke series, and the Nick Polo series.

“They say ‘fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth,’ and I can think of no better example than this book by Chief Jim Doherty. Authors who have been in law enforcement will tell you that many times a spark of truth will enter our fictional worlds. We may base them on incidents that were funny, serious, or even tragic, but this dose of realism is often what helps connect readers with our stories. In his book, Jim takes the reader through a series of fictional events that will appeal to the police procedural genre enthusiast, but then, like a magician revealing a secret, he opens the door to the real-world incidents which inspired them.”

Sgt. Andrew Nelson, NYPD (ret.), author of the Commissioner James Maguire series, the Police Chief Alex Taylor series, and the Detective Anthony Antonucci series.

THE BIG GAME AND OTHER CRIME STORIES, with fantastic cover work and formatting by Antonino lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, is available via Amazon for $9.99.

This thrilling collection is also available on Kindle formatted by Iacono and Marina for $0.99 for a limited time. Kindle Unlimited Members can read these stories for free!

AN OBSCURE GRAVE, Doherty’s full-length Dan Sullivan novel, is also available in print and digital format on Amazon.

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