Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Go ahead. Stop and
smell 'em. It's okay.

Sometimes it's nice to go back and reflect on past successes (not to rest on them, however), and that's what this post is going to do.

My friend and fellow writer Bobby Nash got me thinking when he did this exercise, and so I caught the bug and had to do it too.

To date, the work that I've written that I have had published includes:

- 51 short stories
- 2 novellas
- 1 short story collection
- 1 short story and poetry collection
- 10 comic book issues
- 1 graphic novel
- 8 comic book shorts
- 1 comic book trade paperback collection (also translated and published in France)
- 29 poems

Wow. I felt like I've been busy, and now I know why.

(Which still puts me behind Bobby, for those keeping score at home.)