Friday, March 16, 2012

"Rip"-ed from the Pages of Fight Comics Comes Rip Regan: Powerman!

Coming Soon from Excelsior Web Comics!
Rip Regan created by Herman Bolstein & John Celardo
Written by Sean Taylor
Pencils by Eric Johns
Colors by Celso Ludgero

It's time to see the golden age man of might in a brand new light as he teams up with a new partner, the lovely and mysterious martial artist Yoshi, as they try to protect a returning war hero from a gang of bank-robbing thugs. You don't want to miss this re-imagining of the classic pulp comic book hero, retold with with respect and admiration for the original source material.

Regan originally appeared in Fight Comics #3 in March 1940 and ran as a support feature until issue #14. To download the original appearances to whet your appetite for the new adventures, visit the Digital Comics Museum.

Excelsior will produce books in both online and print formats for graphic novel collections. Don't miss the unveiling of this new line of classically inspired comic book tales.