Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#102) -- Atypical Comic Reader

You've said before that most of your favorite comic book 
series never made it as far as issue #25. Care to elaborate?

Sure. Sadly, that's neither an exaggeration nor a bold-faced lie. Here's a running list of some of my favorite comic book series and runs:

Primal Force
Starman (Robinson's run)
Damage (Peyer)
Superboy and the Ravers
Batgirl (the Steph Brown and Cassandra Cain eras)
Ultra Girl
Green Goblin
Gotham Central
Metal Men (any run)
Doom Patrol (John Arcudi's run) 
Mantra (pre-Marvel)
Blood Syndicate
Dark Dominion
Fatale (Broadway)
The Strangers
The Protectors
Troublemakers (Acclaim)
Archer and Armstrong (Valiant)
Harbinger (Valiant)
Shadowman (Valiant)
Freedom Fighters (any run)
Sovereign 7
The Crusades
John Byrne's Next Men
House of Secrets (Seagle run)

As you can see fairly quickly, with only a few exceptions, many of my favorites did not fair very well in the mainstream comic book market. They tended to be focused on old-school tie ins (Damage, Doom Patrol) or were a bit too avant garde for the mainstream (X-Statix, Archer and Armstrong) or were spin-offs from a more popular series (Slingers, Green Goblin, Legionnaires).

That's okay. I don't mind, because now I have full runs I can go back and read and get a still-shot of a single fully told story, without any complaints of how "my" heroes and "my" teams have been treated in big crossovers or relaunches.

No complaints here.