Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#106) -- Boo Is Hard

Is there a type of story you haven't written yet that you really would like to?

Absolutely. I'd really love to at some point write a good ol' fashioned ghost story that could scare my readers that same way that the ghost stories I've read by Algernon Blackwood (The Empty House), Bram Stoker (The Judge's House), E. Nesbit (Man-Sized in Marble), and  Charlotte Perkins Gilman (The Yellow Wallpaper) creeped me out.

But, after a few false starts, I can tell you this -- without being able to control the flow for the reader, or the exact way a scene unfolds in his or her head, or the visual dimension itself (like in a movie), MAKING A PROSE GHOST STORY GENUINELY CREEPY AND SCARY IS HARD.