Friday, March 30, 2012

The Writer Will Take Your Questions Now (#125) -- Expectations

What expectations do you have for yourself as a writer?

First and foremost, I expect me to write. That sounds like a "duh" kind of thing to mention, but you'd be surprised how many "writers" I meet who just never seem to get around to the actual work of writing. Or do it so sparingly that the term "hobbyist" is a more applicable fit than the term "writer."

I also expect me to get better. I can't be happy with where I am now. I must improve not only my technique and my diligence but also my efforts to promote myself and my work.

I expect me to spread the word about what I write. I can't merely rely on others to do this for me. The "if you build it they will come" paradigm is utter garbage.

I expect me to read. I expect me to make time to read. Why? Because writers who don't read are like builders who don't look at houses. They're like swimmers who practice technique without going near a pool. They're like... well, you get the point. Writers read. If not, you forget what good writing (or bad writing) looks like. You miss the new and exciting stuff happening in the world of publishing.