Friday, April 2, 2021

Airship 27 Production Presents The Masked Rider: Tales of the Wild West Vol 3

Airship 27 Production saddles up for more rip-roaring western action adventure with “The Masked Rider – Tales of the Wild West Vol 3.”

The Wild West has always had its share of larger then life heroes; both fictional such as pulpdom’s own Masked Rider and historical ala Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. In this new collection, we offer up a trio of tale showcasing each.

Western writer Thomas McNulty delivers a south of the border yarn with Earp and his Holiday on the hunt for a dangerous desperado. This is followed by Paul Findley’s story of the fabled Masked Rider and his Yaqui partner Blue Hawk on the trail of murderous cattle rustlers.

Finally, in a full length novella, Gordon Dymowski has the mysterious Masked Rider attempting to solve the murder of a Army Cavalry officer in “A Town Called Malice.”

Artist Jason Wren provides the interior illustrations with Shane Evans the colorful cover, all assembled by Art Director Rob Davis. Here is action and adventure set against a frontier stage true to a time and place that forever left its legacy on a nation; the American Wild West.


Now available at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.

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