Sunday, April 18, 2021

Derrick Ferguson -- An Ongoing Collection of Tributes

Derrick Ferguson's death has left a hole. He touched a lot of writers and readers and just plain ol' friends, and many of them are sharing their memories of and tributes to him all over the internet. 

I'm keeping this post as an ongoing update of links of those memorials posted in his honor.

Blogs/Social Media:

So Long, Derrick Ferguson 

Remember Derrick Ferguson (In His Own Words)

New Pulp - Derrick Ferguson

Lucas Garrett Remembers Derrick Ferguson

The Passing of a Giant. RIP Derrick Ferguson.

Dark Worlds: Derrick Ferguson

Derrick Ferguson, Writer-Friend

Untold Stories

Fall of a Titan 


Remembering Derrick

SPECIAL – East Meets West: The Derrick Ferguson Episodes

Superhero Cinephiles are Better in the Dark

Derrick Ferguson Memorial Podcast

Derrick Ferguson Interview Full, Unedited 


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