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OCCUPIED PULP marches headlong into mystery and adventure in post-war Europe and Japan

Flinch Books announces the upcoming release of OCCUPIED PULP, six tales of action, adventure, and mystery set in the aftermath of World War II.

When the war that defined the 20th century came to an end in 1945, the undercurrent of geopolitical tension continued for months afterward as Europe and Japan under Allied occupation became a hotbed of nefarious schemes. Mystery lurked around every corner, and danger waited down every dark alley. OCCUPIED PULP surveys that precarious post-war landscape with stories from six high-profile pulp writers: Will Murray (DOC SAVAGE), William Patrick Maynard (FU MANCHU), Patricia Gilliam (HANNARIA), Bobby Nash (SNOW), Justin Bell (STORM’S FURY) and John C. Bruening (THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN).

On sale in print and Kindle formats in April 2021, this collection of harrowing tales delivers all the two-fisted, slam-bang action and adventure that are hallmarks of the pulp tradition. Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating heroes and villains who wage a mighty struggle to either protect the fragile peace or set the wheels of conflict and destruction back in motion.

“We’ve assembled an amazing lineup of writers for this project,” says Flinch Books Co-Founder and Editor John C. Bruening. “I knew from the outset that I would have to be on my A game if I was going to be among the contributors. Individually and collectively, these stories capture the dangerous state of affairs in the months immediately following World War II, when new lines were being drawn, new alliances were being forged and the global balance of power was still up for grabs.”

Flinch Books Co-Founder and Editor Jim Beard concurs. “We’re always looking for a project that not only launches from a solid, traditional pulp base, but also stretches to be something unique among other fiction anthologies. With OCCUPIED PULP, I think we’ve done our jobs.”

So suit up, soldiers! Grab your weapons and step into the hot zone, because there are plenty of skirmishes yet to be fought and won.

The war is over, but the action continues!

Art by Adam Shaw.

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